Wild, Wild, West

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I have not been keeping up to date with this blog here lately, my days seem like they just fly by! But, I am going to kind of recap the past couple of weeks for ya!

 After departing from Moore, Oklahoma, my team and I drove to Muenster, Texas. We stayed in Muenster for 2 days to recuperate. We left Muenster on June 15th and made our 12 hour trek to New Mexico. I cannot even explain how culture shocked I am in New Mexico. I mean there is ZERO grass, NO trees or WATER ANYWHERE! There aren’t even neighborhoods, really.  As soon as the sun rose up on Sunday, June 16th, I knew I was not in Texas anymore. Helloooooo desert!                                                                                                                                                    
 All around me there is dirt, dust, mesas, and more dust. It’s so crazy how dry this state and area is. The area, by the way, is called the Zuni Pueblo (Zuni Indian Reservation). I wish I had more details as to this exact location, but honestly I have no idea. All I know is that we are 3 hours away from Albuquerque (not sure which direction, though). I just trust that God & our GPS will get us to our destinations, at this point! Haha! 

It is really an amazing experience to be able to experience this new area. I have never traveled out West… Texas plus the California Airport is about as far West as I’ve traveled. So, this really is neat to explore. And explore we did! 

We first drove 2 hours to stand in the Four Corners of the United States. So, I was standing in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico all at the same time! It was sort of anticlimactic because it was literally just a plaque that you awkwardly stand on with a line of people all starring at you while getting your picture taken. But, it was really cool! My favorite part about it was that there were little shops surrounding the four corners plaque and so I went shopping in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona! So the morning we went to the Four Corners, then in the afternoon we worked on our programming for the upcoming trip!

The following happened for the next day, Tuesday, as well. We actually drove the Grand Canyon in Arizona (the South Rim). This was only a 3 hour and 50 minute drive. Not bad! The Grand Canyon was so majestic. At first, I had a panic attack at the mere fact that the canyon has such depth that if I were to slip, I would be a goner. But, once I got over that fact, I was ok! We took the tour buses around to different peaks and look-outs. It was not only beautiful to look at but even more so, amazing to think that God created such a beautiful piece of the Earth for us to enjoy and glorify Him with. His glory is so easy to see in this amazing creation. It was a nice break to enjoy God’s majesty and just relax! 

The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.
Charles Dickens


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