New Word- New Year 2015!

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I was talking with my mom and sister about what words we would be choosing this year and reflection on our words for the previous year. I think it's funny how we just now started our word tradition. But just as I was thinking that, I realized that if I thought about previous years it would be easy for me to reflect on the year and give them each a word that went with them! So before I reveal how I did with my 2014 word, here's my words so far!

2011: Transition
2012: Resilience 
2013: Adventure
2014: Peace

Peace was an easy word for me because many conversations and moments this year have lead to the feeling of peace from within. I have taken action in engaging in courageous conversations, as well as standing up for myself. Both of these actions are extremely important for my growth at this moment in time. I realized this year that to be a peace-filled person I must know peace and work toward it in every aspect of my life. I would say that 2014 was a pretty peaceful year and that it was the perfect word for how the year played out. 

Drum-roll please...the word for 2015 will be intentional

Intentional:  done by intention or design :  intended <intentionaldamage>

This word was a huge buzz word with my team when we went to Guatemala this past year. From that I realized that I need to work on this in pretty much all areas of my little world. I want to be intentional when speaking with people, not being distracted by my phone or other things/people. I want to be intentional when I am working, focusing on completing whatever task is at hand. I also want to be intentional when I'm relaxing. This will be a crazy year and I think that I really need to be cognizant of giving myself time to relax. I want to be intentional with relationships and keeping communication that goes beyond texting. 

I have given myself a couple guidelines that will help with this move toward being intentional. 

1. Take all Apps off your phone; only use your phone for text, phone call, alarm clock and GPS (and calculator because you suck at math)

2. Less multi-tasking

3. Don't check social media in the morning

4. Allow 1-2 hours of non-work/homework each evening (can be during nighttime routine) 

5. Call more, text less 

Cheers to 2015, let's make it a great one! 


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