25 Years of Love

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My parents are the cutest people you will ever meet. Their love story began when they were in the second grade. My mom had just moved from Kentucky to Florida and walked right into her little second grade classroom. The moment she walked in, she met eyes with my dad. That day my mom went home to my Grammy (her mom) and told her that Mark (my dad) was the man that she would marry. Well...30 years later, that is truer than true! My parents are high school sweethearts (really second grade sweethearts) and are more in love with each other every single day!

This year is an extra special year as they are celebrating their 25 year anniversary. My siblings and I wanted to celebrate these love birds so we decided to plan a wonderful vacation to Orlando, FL. We had a busy weekend filled with the Disney's Polynesian Luau and Epcot Food & Wine Festival! It was an amazing weekend to spend with the six of us...family is everything. I am learning the importance of cherishing every moment, like this very special weekend and even bigger blessing to have two parents who are still madly in love with each other. I am blessed by the very best!

Praise God for such incredible parents, who show me what true love looks like! Cheers to these cutie pies!


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