Comfort Zone

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A plus to my job is being able to volunteer on a regular basis, attending fun service events! My favorite event this summer was an event that put me completely outside of my comfort zone. We worked with SERV to take invasive species out of Wekiva Springs. We had to get into the spring in our clothes and put our hands in the bottom of the floor to pull out the invasive species of plants. I am not your out-doorsy type of gal, even though I do like adventures. So, this event was pretty intense to do. To top off the event, we had to paddle in a canoe upstream- my poor co-captain; our boat was crashing into each side of the river bank. At one point, we crashed into a tree and a bunch of spiders fell into my hair! I’m truly surprised we didn’t flip!

However, I did realize that it’s a good feeling being pushed outside of my comfort zone. This event actually reinforced the idea that there needs to be some sort of an advocate and passion for every type of social issue. Even though I was super uncomfortable, I laughed (and squealed) a lot!   


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