The New Girl in Town

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Hi everyone, I'm Kayla! I'm new to this whole Blogging thing, but excited to try it out. I love, love, love to write. In fact, I've been journaling since Seventh grade. I started to journal in the hopes that not only can I easily get out my feelings for each day, but I want something my daughters and I can look back on when I'm older or gone for that matter. It's funny even now to look back and read stuff from about 8 years ago! Oh- how things change! (By the way, no daughters or children now, I'm only 19! day though! )

Anyways, my adorable roommate, Amy , is a blogger and inspired me to join in on this part of the cyber world! So, here I am. I plan on posting fun crafts, DIY's, hair/nail/make up blogs, recipes, reviews and so many more fun topics! Wish me luck, being the new girl in town isn't always easy :)



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