It's Time!

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 Tomorrow is the day where my journey begins as a Summer Missionary for Catholic Mission Trips Inc. I cannot believe that this 10 month preparation is finally over and it’s time to go and answer the call.
                Sunday, May 19th, I depart sunny Florida to head out to Munester, Tx to begin a week long training session. During this week I will be able to meet my new team and prep for our summer. We will be learning the logistics of the missions, sessions and even practicing our witnesses and talks. This week will be a huge information overload but the information will help my team and I to better our understanding of how this summer will work.
                Following the training in Texas, my team and I will be traveling to New Mexico. Here we will be working for a week on the Indian Zuni Reservation. This week will allow us to become truly immersed in culture and really experience what life will be like while working as a missionary this summer.
                From New Mexico, the team will split into smaller teams of 3-5 missionaries. Each team will be sent to a different location. The following locations are areas where we will be working this summer, New Mexico, South Texas, Kentucky, Joplin (MS), New Orleans, Dominican Republic and possibly Haiti. It’s really exciting to think that I literally have no idea where my head will be resting for the next two months, but I’m up for the challenge because I know the Big Man upstairs will provide and protect. His plan is so much greater than mine!
                As I travel and begin this journey, I just wanted to thank YOU for all your prayers and support through this journey thus far. It’s really amazing to me how much God has moved in my heart and life already and the summer hasn’t even begun yet. How crazy! He is SO GOOD!
                My motto for this summer mission is to just go with the flow and trust in Him. If you know me well, you know that I’m not a “go with the flow” type of gal…hello miss.contro-freak! So, I truly believe God will allow me to really just trust in Him and His plans for me. I mean He’s already allowing this whole trust thing to set ablaze because well, I literally have no idea where I’ll be for the next two months! All I know is two places I won’t be , in my bed at home and in my bed in my apartment! So, for now,  as I lay my head to sleep, I will take one last good night’s rest in the comforts of home! Because when I wake up tomorrow, the new path to this journey is beginning!
                I’ll keep you posted as I journey this summer! I will also be praying for YOU and your intentions as I travel and work this summer. Please know that you will be carried close to my heart!
                xoxox/ K 
 See ya later Clearwater, Hellooooooo Texas!  Yee Haw!


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