A Day Of Firsts

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Today began a beautiful journey into my pre-internship. I was placed into a second/third grade combined all inclusion classroom at United Cerebral Palsy Charter School. This will be a great challenge and will help to either reinforce my idea for the future or allow me to steer in another direction.

I was quite nervous going in on my first day…I had no idea what to even expect! Well, whatever was in my head of what I thought would happen, didn’t. My first day was better than I could have ever dreamt. One of my students with Cerebral Palsy walked for the first time in a walker. Her mom came and videoed the whole thing, the class cheered her on and I quietly stood in disbelief holding back my tears. I didn’t realize that I could feel so proud of someone that I knew for a couple of hours. My heart felt as though it was bursting through my dress. These special moments define one of the many reasons why I want to go into education. Teachers get to go on a life journey of learning with their students and student’s families..it is an AMAZING gift! Just as I expected Day 1 has already confirmed that special education and early childhood is exactly where I see myself – so, I will continue to chase this dream this semester, one day at a time! 


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