A Summer To Remember...

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As my summer has officially concluded, I am sad and excited all at the same time. I am completely sad to leave some of the greatest friendships and memories I have created. I am sad to leave a lifestyle of service that is so easy and challenging all at the same time, constantly working on glorifying God through work and relationships. I am sad that I won't be attending mass and the sacraments on a daily basis. I am sad because somehow I think I am going to miss the cold showers, hard floors, stinky clothes hanging all over the room and janky cars.

But something that trumps the sadness of leaving this amazing summer is the indescribable impact that this summer has had on me.The very things that create a raw sadness within my heart are the exact things that excite me for the future. God has romanced my heart through allowing me to serve Him and His people all summer long, inviting relationships to occur, projects to be complete and beautiful landscapes to adventure in all the while we sing His great praise.

My heart and feet will never be the same as this summer has changed me. I have been challenged to learn new things such as how to chainsaw and clean up debris. I have been challenged to allow others lives to impact me.   I have been challenged to get onto an airplane with the clear understanding that I am about to meet 11 strangers that will only be strangers for 10 minutes. I have been challenged to allow God to heal. I have been challenged to hold my tongue and learn when it's necessary to speak out. I have been challenged to be open to a stranger's love through a simple hug, "hi" or silence. I have been challenged to speak more Spanish than I ever had needed. I have been challenged to get attached to and then release every single group we received each week. I have been challenged to forgive.  I have been challenged to grow.

Just as my story of an adventurous summer beings with me stepping off an airplane so does my new "life" begin with my new found growth, desires and passions.

Dearest Steve, Momma Nasche, Claire, Brigid, Mike, Sarah, Kathryn, Kevin, Lauren, Mel, Chris, Sandy, Texas, New Mexico, New Orleans, Dominican Republic, Oklahoma, and all of the teams...because I knew you I have been changed for good.


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