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REUNION!!! I had the joy to host my CMT ladies (from my summer mission staff) in Clearwater! We had an amazing week together laughing and relaxing! We spent the week at the beach, pool, and swimming with manatees in Crystal River! I was completely terrified to swim with manatees because they are such huge animals but it turned out to not be scary at all..they are so gentle! I was surprised how cold the water felt even with our wet suits on...brr! At one point a little manatee came up to us and we were able to gently touch it. She was a gorgeous and tiny manatee, a little baby! It was very interesting being in someone else's habitat. It was an amazing week and hopefully we will have a reunion every's more difficult as we get older to meet up as life gets so busy but friends and family are worth making time for! I LOVE MY GIRLS!


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