All Because of an Advisor

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I am excited to announce that I will be the new Alternative Break Program director for UCF! This very program holds quite near and dear to my heart. I have been able to experience different cultures, meet so many amazing people and grow in my leadership skills. My experience at UCF has been greatly enhanced by this amazing program and it all simply started with the suggestion from an Undergraduate Advisor. My freshmen year I went into speak with my Graduate Advisor about classes for the upcoming year. He was wondering why I would choose to take online classes rather than a class on campus the summer going into freshmen year. I told him it was because I was going on a mission trip and needed to make sure I was home to go! He then told me that if I enjoyed volunteering and mission trips I should check out the Alternative Break Program. I literally had never heard of that program and didn’t know that my school offered something that I loved doing.  

I went straight back to my dorm to research the program; then I applied, got interviewed and was placed on a spring trip to New Orleans. I was blessed to have a faculty advisor who was the actual advisor to the Alternative Break Program. The trip was amazing…it jump started my love for the mission of the program. The next year I emailed my previous faculty advisor, Haley, to ask how I could get involved. She told me to come in to work alongside the director, Samantha. I was so excited to get my hands wet in the program. That year I learned the ins & outs of the program, focusing on the heart and soul of the functions of the program. They didn’t have an official position as assistant so they created an Alternative Break committee. The next year I became the Alternative Break Program assistant director, they also created this position, allowing me to set the foreground to what an assistant tasks would be. And, finally this year, I have been offered the position at the Program Director. I am thrilled to be leading the program to change, grow and be a success!

Thank you to Haley, my advisor, who has always pushed me to be the best leader I can be! Without her kindness, guidance and support I wouldn’t be where I am today! 


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