Courageous Conversations

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The UCF director of student involvement, Dr. Preston, told the student directors the importance of having courageous conversations. On our retreat, he explained that just because a decision could be easy doesn’t always mean that is the best decision to make- sometimes making the difficult choice and having a courageous conversation is necessary.

With having these wise words in my head, I knew I had to make an important choice this year. I had to decide right then and there to stand for integrity and make decisions based on what’s right. Because of this, I had to have a very courageous conversation with one of my directors. I am learning that is it difficult when you work with friends as it makes things awkward when there is conflict. However, I learned that the awkwardness is worth it. I chose to have a courageous conversation with my director whom I was having trouble with. First of all, it was a beautiful conversation. Second of all, it completely improved the issue and allowed both of us to move forward once we were able to speak our peace, kindly.

Upon reflecting on it, I realized how important it was for me to allow her voice to be heard. That is not an easy concept as I always think I have the answers and want my voice to be heard just as much as her. I love when God pushes these small little reality checks into my life, allowing me to be reflective and learning life lessons. Senior year is a year that I will focus on listening. 


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