Going to the Chapel

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My amazing older sister got married to her loving husband, Ryan. Our family is blessed for our newest addition and I could not be happier for this sweet couple. I was my sister's Maid of Honor and thought I would post my MOH speech to truly explain my love for my sister and her hubby!

Maid of Honor Speech:

"For those of you who don't know me, my name is Kayla and I am the sister of the bride. I am incredibly delighted that today has finally come! You see, today turned out so perfectly because my sister and I have been planning our weddings since we were four years old. So even though my mom and dad spent months putting this together, we were really the brains behind it. Only kidding ;)

But, truly, I have been given the most amazing life to be able to grow up with my best friend. I can recall so many nights that we would lay in bed and talk about our futures, who we would marry and what our life would be and how our weddings would play out.

But, out of all the topics over the years to talk about, our favorite thing to talk about was BOYS, of course! We have written down exactly who we wanted to marry, what they looked like, where they would work, what type of shoes they would wear and what they would be passionate about. I am pretty sure that my husband always turned out to be Aaron Carter while Katelyn's was Justin Timberlake. Well...life turned out pretty good for Katelyn because she didn't get Justin. She got someone even better. Justin may sing better and have all the lovely boy band swag that Ryan doesn't have but that's about it.

Ryan is more than we could create in our little five year old minds. Ryan truly brings out the absolute best version of my sister. She already has a beautiful soul to start with but Ryan makes that soul shine so brightly. When he started to come around I wondered if he was the one. Then, I realized three huge moments that gave the sister stamp of approval.

1. The guy is funny. He makes Katelyn funny and together they are quite the pair. Always laughing and never taking life too seriously. Ryan and Katelyn know how to enjoy the wonderful ride of life with such laughter and silliness. Sooooo yep, there's the first check.

2. He fits perfectly with my family. Not only could he sit and talk for hours with our aunts and uncles but he will turn right around and play with the cousins or help grandma clean-up the kitchen or play poker with the guys. And from the moment he came into our family's life, he has always treated my brother and me like we were his own siblings. So , there is the second check, the family loves you- you are almost there.

And then here came the moment I knew. The third and most important check of approval. Ryan loves my sister more than anyone I have ever met. The gentleness and kindness that he has when interacting with my sister is so beautiful. This type of love is rare and magical. Magical enough for a fairy tale. A fairy tale that my sister so greatly deserves!

So, even though you aren't an NSYNC boy band singer, you truly are my sister's soul mate and prince charming and there is no way that my sister's heart was prepared to meet you because you truly knocked her off her heals into your heart with such grace. I am fully confident that my best friend is blessed to have a new life long best friend beginning today.

Thank you for allowing me to help write your love story by standing right next to you since we were three.

I would love to toast to the beautiful happily ever after that you two will continue to write, to all nieces and nephews that you will give me and to celebrating this beautiful day together!

To the beautiful Bride and Groom!"



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