Love Bite

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Children just love so freely, I think the whole world would benefit from learning from the sweet kiddos’ perspectives. They have zero reason to love me, I come in only three days a week and somehow I can tell most are already attached, as I am attached to them, too. 

I have this one little sweetie who hugs me so tight every single day, telling me how much she loves me. Of course, I don’t mind and return the love! Except, I think she loves me more…she hugged me during lunch and goes “Ms. Allen, I just love you so much” and then squeezed my hand and bit it! I’d like to think it was a love bite. It’s small little moments like this that make me love my future- not the biting but the intial and continual acceptance that children have. No matter how silly, serious, happy or sad I am, a child will love you- it is such a beautiful thing to experience and live.

P.S…their class theme song is below, you should listen to it and let it inspire YOU! 


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