Zuni Puebla Week 1

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Traveling from the Dominican Republic to the Zuni reservation was a cultural shock in itself. Although I had already visited Zuni prior to the trip to the DR, I didn’t really get to experience the rich culture of Native Americans that still is here in the United States. Staying on the Zuni Reservation which seemed as though it was in the middle of nowhere was an experience. We had to obey the rules of the Reservation as well as those that the church had that were staying at. The Reservation suggested to not be off of the property anytime after dark as there are many animals that come out at night. Also, the Reservation suggested staying within our walls there at the church property as much as possible since they hold their religion/culture in such high regard (we knew nothing about their religion and culture and didn’t want to do anything to dishonor anyone).  

My team and I stayed on the Reservation for two weeks, hosting two different high school groups!
St. Mary’s teens from Colorado were our first group in NM! Our goal for the week was to clean the classrooms, grounds and build a volleyball court. These teens worked their booties off to make these projects complete. The group finished about half way with the volleyball court and cleaned a majority of the classrooms and stoop of the gymnasium. The New Mexico heat was as hot as I have ever felt! It was over 100 Degrees a couple days which held for heat advisories which made us stop working. So, we would try to work as much as possible before noon so that we maximized our time.

One really amazing thing about St.Mary’s group was their love for celebrating any talent and gift that God gives you. Because of this, the teens hosted a talent show for everyone! We were able to celebrate their talents through music, dance, and a comedy show! 


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