Summer Adventure

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   In my opinion there is nothing more rewarding, comforting, joy-giving, and purposeful than giving all you have. I think with that mentality I've been able to adapt a servant heart and truly feel alive when I’m volunteering.  With that being said, I’m excited to tell you that I will be journeying this summer as a missionary through Catholic Mission Trips Inc. My summer will entail time, sweat, prayer and a whole lot of heart. 
 My team and I will be putting on mission trips for high school students. Not only will we be their week mentors, facilitators and “go-to” people but, we will be working alongside the teens and    their youth group as we serve many distraught and poor communities

  It’s incredibly overwhelming to think that I will be venturing away from all that I know, being my family, friends, school , and even comforts of home…but at that very moment where I think it will be “too much”, I feel a sense of pure joy quickly fill me from the inside-out.  This is what life is all about, friends! Serving and loving those who are in need. 

  This summer I won’t have a home, a bed, my own car, my own place to run to for quiet, or even cook my own food to my very picky taste. Instead, I will be running around the world with a team of about 6 Catholic soon-to-be friends desiring daily to serve God and His people. I think it’s actually super exciting! I was just telling my lovely momma the other day, I won’t have to worry about bills, filling my gas tank up, studying for hours on end for exams, staying up way later than my body needs me to to watch some silly Real Housewives Reality show or the Kardashians, or even have a minute of my day to be “connected with the world through cyberspace”.  Nope! That’ll all be gone for almost 3 months. It’s my time to full rely on God…what a grand adventure, right?!

  Catholic Mission Trips is an incredible Non-profit that my church at home, St.Cecelia’s , used for summer missions. I went the summer I graduated to Texas, in order to build homes in a poor area. That summer ignited the spark in my soul for volunteerism  humility and love. There is something so magical and spiritual in serving your brothers and sisters…a connection is created that I wish I had the words to even describe.
  I know I’m not even close to being the holiest person out there, and I know for a gosh-darn fact that there is no way that I’m even worthy of having such a title to minister to teens, when I’m only 20 myself. But, I know for sure that I have been called …and now I’m answering.  

  I ask for prayers on my journey, these next couple months will be crucial to prepare my heart , soul and body for my summer mission. In addition, I am close to raising the needed amount for my mission but not there yet.  (If you are interested in donating please email me at and I will email you information). Please stay tuned to my blog as I will be posting in the upcoming months how I’m able to prepare for this mission and then during the summer I hope I am able to blog once a week (we shall see how tired I am!) to keep everyone posted back at home! 

God is great and will provide...and heck, it's about time I start "living on a prayer"!



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