Good-bye Isn't Easy

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It is beyond me that my summer has come to an end, the life experiences, destinations and people that I met along the way has shaped who I want to be and changed me for the better. I find it painstakingly difficult to put into words how I feel right now as I am leaving the uncomfortable comfort that has had my life for the last three months. I have been moving every weekend since I began, I have driven and rode in a car more in last three months than I have in my whole life, I have seen amazing places, experienced culture, saw God through more people than I could imagine, and met some of the most amazing people that are out there.

My team drove, quietly, to Texas, dreading the moment that we knew that was coming- our departure process. We spent three days at Momma Nasche's ranch to debrief our experinces and hearts. This time was spent relaxing with my favorite people, packing, riding the gator around, fishing and cooking. I will forever cherish these last moments of what my summer was.


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