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It has been a couple of months since summer and I still feel like I haven't got a hold of everything I needed to learn and take-in. The stress relief has been cut on Sundays since my promise for no technology. However, this doesn't seem like it's enough. I desire a much simpler life.

I wrote in one of my blog posts how I would miss not having air, cold showers, hard floors and stinky clothes. Well...I don't miss the stinky clothes but I miss the missionary life of living off of church food donations, praying your housing pulled through and hoping there's a fan to cool you off. My life seemed much simpler living out of a suitcase with minimal selection of clothing to choose from. I desire this so badly in my everyday life but can't somehow push myself to live life that simply. So, because I can't convince myself to go back to all of those things, I have decided to make small steps toward living a simpler life.

1. NO Apps on my phones
2. Closet and dresser detox
3. You don't need ten pillows, donate a couple
4. Pray more and watch TV less

Here's to hoping ya'll believe in me...simpler life, I want you!


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